Employment Screening Services

CTS Research “Employment Screening Division” offers Pre-employment Screening for our clients. This division of CTS Research will focus solely on providing pre-employment screening, background checks, tenant searches and drug testing. We will provide all necessary searches and examinations for screening potential employees and tenants.

We want to ensure the same high quality service and integrity for our Employment Screening Division as we do for all our services. With that said, every background report is reviewed by our top researchers for thoroughness and accuracy.

Our comprehensive research techniques produce high quality background checks and screening reports that meet the needs of our clients. In addition, we adhere to the FCRA laws as well as federal, state, and local regulations. We also adhere to industry and professional standards related to employment and tenant screening.

Background Check

Background checks are used by many businesses to verify the accuracy of an applicant's social security number, employment history, education, criminal history, driving records, professional licenses as well as other records. Packages can be custom made to suit your needs.

Pre-Employment Screening

Background research on a prospective employee is a valuable tool in painting a picture of their work history, qualifications and character to limit potential risks. We will dig deep to check the background of prospective employees. Whether it’s a C.E.O. level employee or a stock clerk, we will provide you with the appropriate level search for the employment process. We can help you determine the level of research necessary. We can structure a “standard” for your background check to fit your requirements. Additionally, we maintain compliance standards with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Drug Screening

We use a provider that offers over 10,000 locations nationwide so you can choose a drug testing site which is convenient to your location.

Landlord Tenant Support

The tenant screening will allow us to provide landlords with information regarding a prospective tenant. A background check prior to a potential tenant’s acceptance will help determine what problems, if any they have had in prior residences? How did they live? We can perform database searches, criminal & public records search, personal interviews and site visits.
We can suggest various security & investigative measures to deter issues for example: security systems, camera systems, various technology for entry doors, surveillances, guard services and security patrol.

Criminal Check

The criminal background check is a very useful tool for employment screening, tenant screening, and other purposes for the history of an individual. Criminal record databases vary between: states & localities, turn around time, requirements, and fees.

Address Verification

Want to know if someone is living where they say they are? Maybe they are illegally subleasing an apartment. We will tell you who lives at any address.

Education Verification

We will check education as part of our in depth background research of somebody, or we can do it for resume verification. In today's workforce we have found that verification becomes difficult, we break down the borders and verify the degree the individual claims they’ve earned.


We can fingerprint your executives, staff, or even security guards for licensing issues and job clearance.


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