Private Investigative Services

Background Research

Our in depth background checks help you take a proactive role in limiting the amount of time, money, risks & liabilities involved in litigation, business and real estate ventures or hiring an employee. You will receive an accurate and professionally written investigative report.

Each background search is unique and our reports can be tailored to meet your specific needs and criteria. Depending on the type of information sought we can obtain a vast amount data for your review.

Due Diligence – Know Your Client

When you are trying to clear an individual, corporation, LLC, or partnership CTS can help you find the history, current status and business dealings including: liens, judgments, reputation and legal action taken.

We collect factual data from a variety of sources and gather sensitive information about the subject to allow clients to make informed decisions before they commit time and resources to a project or investment. Our search is custom fit to your needs. You will receive a full report of our findings as well as any recommendations.

Fraud Detection

Our investigators and accountants will examine business records and financial documents to detect fraud and identify the exposure of your company to being a victim of fraud, from both internal and external sources.

Corporate & Fraud Investigations

A private investigator can be instrumental in acquiring the information via investigative techniques that will assist in determining the feasibility of presenting the case for criminal proceedings or civil remediation. We can perform the investigation and research to custom fit your needs.

Forensic Accounting

We have CPA’s and forensic accountants on staff to fit the requirements of the investigation.

Anti Money Laundering Issues

We will utilize our resources to ascertain that the individual or corporations are compliant with federal, state and local laws. We will give you a snapshot of the individual or corporation so that you are able to determine the risks.

Litigation Consulting

CTS Research has assisted attorneys involved in both criminal proceedings and civil litigation. Our services are used for locating witnesses, background checks, finding assets and developing strategies to ensure a successful case.

Some of the areas we have assisted attorneys in have been: surveillance, sting operations, law enforcement procedural review, asset searching, missing persons, witness interviews, lie detector tests & securing bail requirements.

Vendor Screening

We will vet your vendors to ascertain they are in good standing and verify their credentials. This will protect you from hiring the wrong company to complete an important task.

Business Intelligence

CTS will support your company and gather information it needs to protect it from a variety of circumstances. The information gathered can be used to assist your company in litigation.

Professional Licenses

Whether they are a lawyer, doctor, dentist or any other occupation that is licensed by a state or federal authority we will be able to confirm the current status of their license.

Nanny Screening

A background check on a Nanny can help provide parents with important tools to assist them in finding the best candidate for their family. Upon the receipt of a signed release authorizing the search from the candidate, CTS will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision.

Missing Persons

CTS Research has experienced investigators and access to an extensive network of resources to help you locate a missing person.

Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcy History

This search will assist you in the due diligence process, financial deals, and character verification. Any liens, judgments or bankruptcies brought against an individual or company that was filed in court will be revealed in this search.

Media Stories

We can search millions of news articles and stories for news related stories. We can also focus on negative news stories for individuals that have numerous articles written about them.


CTS Research can provide surveillance through the use of covert surveillance equipment to help detect theft, fraud or vandalism. Our experienced investigators have provided us with an extensive network of resources and will provide you with the information you need. Additionally, CTS Research takes the proper steps necessary to ensure success in court.

Regulatory Sanctions

We will search the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to search to see if any actions were taken by OFAC

Process Serving

CTS will serve legal documents in a professional and prompt manner.

Integrity Consulting & Services

We will review your company’s integrity policies and examine the current procedures to identify the exposure you may have to internal and external issues.

Computer Related Investigations & Security

Any type of computer investigation that requires forensic computer specialists or data recovery can be conducted. We will ensure your current network is protected from outsiders and hackers.


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