Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor photoCraig’s long term and diverse investigative experience, coupled with his ongoing consultation in Corporate Security affords the CTS Research Corporation an expert research component.
A twenty year career history with the NYPD has provided him with an investigative practice approach that is underscored with precision, objectivity and integrity.

Craig’s developed sense for scrutiny in investigative methodology was sharpened via his career history as meritorious Detective 1st Grade during his tenure at NYPD. His career has been highlighted by the following projects and assignments:

Craig’s diverse investigative experience is inclusive of in-depth knowledge of varied security operations, comprehensive surveillance strategies, audio/visual techniques and receptive case management. In providing services to our clients at CTS Research, Craig’s investigative approach is highlighted by his “attention to detail.” He is “cautiously aggressive and thorough” in addressing the desired goals of the clients we serve.