Security & Related Services

Executive Protection

Our highly trained bodyguards and drivers have experience protecting Mayors, Governors, and Police Commissioners. Their experience and professionalism is second to none.

Uniformed Security Guards

Need the presence of a security guard? We can provide them for lobbies, special events, stores, hotels or any purpose.

Armed Security Guards

If you need protection above and beyond a uniformed guard our armed guards are retired law enforcement with many years of experience.


Our bodyguards are retired law enforcement personnel who deliver professional protection services to whatever needs you may have. 

Security & Threat Assessments

We can analyze your executives, properties, or other areas where you may feel there is a vulnerability to safety.

Securing Bail Requirements

We can assist defense attorneys in securing bail for their defendants. In some cases, Judges require armed retired law enforcement as a condition of bail.

Lie Detector Tests

These tests can be performed in your office or ours and are a useful tool in verifying the truth. Performed for a variety of reasons, everything from employment screening to investigation matters. This is a useful tool for uncovering employee theft.


We can fingerprint your executives, staff, or even security guards for licensing issues and job clearance.

Crisis Management

We bring a different view of problem solving to any crisis. Our approach is based off sound decision making in order to solve the problem. From disaster recovery to international issues, we have solved issues that stretch far outside the box.